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Scar Revision


Scar Revision is used remove or dramatically improve the appearance of unsightly scars due to an accident, injury, surgery, burn, acne, or stretch marks. This treatment is suitable for all skin types as well as new or old scars.

Often, more than one treatment or a combination of techniques is needed to attain the best results. A range of treatments could include Microdermabrasion, MicroNeedling Therapy, and or topical serums.

Scars and facial assymetries are the biproducts of living active lives. Accidents, traumas, illnesses, and previous surgeries can all leave telltale marks behind that cause patients to be unhappy with their appearance. Often patients tell us they have suffered silently for years with issues that are relatively simple to correct. At About Face we find the process of scar revision one of the most gratifying endeavors, and have devoted a segment of the practice to it.